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Ben now publishes an international newsletter by internet called GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, an intelligence brief for global leaders and VIPs. This newsletter is read by business leaders, political leaders, and "enlightened" people throughout the world.

Click on the following links for an intelligence brief of what is happening around the globe. The newsletter, GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, includes Global News, polls, and information and stories from experts throughout the world.


Ben, the author of several books and published over 360 magazines and newspaper articles.

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The books now in print are:

3 Ideas for Survival, GREEN DREAMS

This CD is a talk by Ben Boothe, on 3 essential ideas that could impact our survival in the future. The program is a summary of the interrelationship of the 4 classic elements of survival. 1. Water, it's scarcity and solutions for future water needs. Water may be the most important resource for the future of our society. Concepts of desalination to save communities and agriculture. 2. Energy, showing that when oil goes up 10%, food prices go up 30%. Cheap energy is the key to economy growth, and a key to ample food supplies. 3. Food production. Why should a tomatoe or 70% of the food in your grocery shelf travel 1800 miles? It seems ludicrous. A new concept of local food production, powered by wind, solar, and with ability to triple annual food production on much smaller tracts in environmentally secure high tunnel and greenhouses, built near urban centers. This CD is a simple talk, but with powerful ideas that Ben Boothe is delivering to Judges, County Commissioners, Investors, and political leaders in the USA. These concepts can save towns from drying up, and provide resources for growth and survival. Boothe has recently been invited to Nepal to share the same concepts for that nation.

Send order, or call: (817)738 9595.

The Ideas of George W. Bush

A book in which the form, the color, the design, communicates the message. Favorable reviews throughout the USA, in this book with 77 pages that reflect his ideas, with symbolic colors.

Flowers Facing the Sun

This is a compliation of stories and interviews from people of the Global Connected Generation around the world, showing a new generation that is not judgemental, that distains religious and political violence, and is the world's hope for peace.

Confessions of a Banker

This is a touching and moving novel, a true story about banking and finance in small town America, illustrating the social treasure of community, loyalty, and friendship.

Grandpa's Hat

A collection of stories and experiences from West Texas about the life and ethos of Grandpa's generation and work ethic.

To Be or Not To Be an SOB

with a forward by Pat Boone

This is a discussion of ethics in business, and how that ethical policies, and interest in humanity can compliment success in business.

A Banker tells You How to Borrow All the Money You ever Needed

A book on loan policies, procedures and techniques for successfully borrowing money from banks and other lenders. Excellent and filed with practical detail.

How to Protect Your Portfolio With FIRREA Compliance

A policy manual for lender explaining details and methods for proper compliance with FIRREA. This appraisal manual was used by over 2,200 financial institutions.