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POLITICAL CONTACTS AND LOBBYING…The photos and quotes say it best

Ben has extensive political contacts in State Capitals, and internationally. His influence on legislation is known and respected. If you have an issue that needs hearing, or you need results, call Ben. His International Publication: is read by VIP’s and leaders throughout the world, and respected by politicians.

“Ben Boothe’s advice on banking regulation was invaluable to us in the U.S. Congress. He predicted the impacts of ‘Deregulation’, warned against excesses of ‘Concentrated Power’, predicted the Wall Street crash and home mortgage crisis, and as early as 2003 published articles predicting a deficit and budget crisis.” Speaker of the House, Jim Wright

”Ben Boothe has been a friend for many years. I always appreciate his insights. He has a history of helping people like me, Jake Pickle, Phil Graham, and others understand the impacts of policy on business. We trust Ben’s insights.” U.S. Congressman, Ralph Hall

Ben was quoted by George H. W. Bush Sr., on banking issues, and later persuaded Hillary Clinton to assign an air-force delivery of 40,000 books for the children of Mongolia. He hosted and introduced George W. Bush at a breakfast of political leaders in Fort Worth. He said: “W, Carswell AFB is our biggest employer, the government is closing it, what is the Bush family going to do for us?” Shortly the Dallas Naval Air Station, moved to Fort Worth. Ben with George W. Bush

”Ben Boothe is a friend to the USA” Bill White, Mayor Houston

”Ben helped us in Ecuador, contributed to our new constitution, and effective international negotiator who helped our nation.” Raphael Correa, President of Ecuador

”We honored Ben at the Annual International Merchants Chamber of India, for his outstanding consultation and advice to India’sleaders on economic development in IT, and currency policy.” Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai, India

“Ben Boothe offered such insights on the economy and international matters that I had him speak to my University, our students loved him. He has an open invitation as my special guest in India. Not only a man of conviction and insight, but he communicated with electric persuasion” Shantilal Somaiya, Industrialist/Philanthropist, Mumbai, India

Ben Boothe on another trip to lobby and communicate, by jet or horse.

In Mongolia Ben was given the honorary title of ‘U.S. Representative of Mongolia’s Commerce Chamber ‘.

“Ben Boothe is the most effective US businessman to work in Mongolia. We at the State Department call him the opposite of the ‘Ugly American’. Pam Slutz, U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

”Ben Boothe is a friend that I listen to because of his business experience and contacts throughout the world. His advice is highly respected” Senator Phil Griego, New Mexico

Ben on assignment in Kyrgyzstan, teaching bank presidents from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan how to restructure bank systems and coordinate bank regulatory policy with practical economic needs. “Ben Boothe was suburb as a teacher, as a ‘hands on banker’, but also, the people respected his integrity. Most effective and influential, in political, banking and regulatory circles. We have used him in several nations, with great success.” Demir Yener, World Bank

To hire Ben to represent and communicate your cause, call: (817) 793-1484 (CELL) OR CALL (800) 379-8048 EXT 101

Feasibility Studies for upcoming projects

Clients have included the SBA (Small Business Administration), F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), cities such as Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth, Arlington, public institutions such as the University of Texas Medical System, World Bank, USIS, 600 corporate clients and 100+ banks, in 30 states.

Real Estate Experience

Mr. Boothe has had decades of experience in real estate. As a banker, a lender, a developer, and also in areas of valuation and appraisals. His contacts are substantial throughout the nation and in Washington DC. Three decades of work in multiple levels of real estate.

BBAR Inc is a commercial appraisal and valuation company. We work with and often bring in associates such as professional engineers, property experts, environmental specialists, treatment experts in Corona and other viral sterilizations of buildings, we often use and bring in local experts on local real estate valuations (if they are relevant to the job at hand and desired by our clients). The appraisers or other assistants/associates we select vary in accordance with their experience and knowledge of the specific project.

We have specialized experience in hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, commercial office buildings, retail malls and stores, farms, ranches, industrial projects, RV and mobile home parks, Apartment complexes and condos, and a host of predevelopment projects and planning. We also have some international experience through our work with international agencies.

For full service appraisal and consulting services, we often use highly qualified local appraisers if they are of excellence, and property experts. In addition to our normal range of appraisal services, we have specialized expertise in Hospitals, Prisons, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Developments, Residential Developments, Resort Properties & all types of commercial properties. We have done work in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America.

The company expanded to Real Estate Brokerage (, and then Environmental Consulting. Through our Environmental department:

We do Phase I, 2 and 3 Environmental work, and have expanded that endeavor to international operations.

We do global environmental consulting, stressing "solutions". We provide consulting for communities, cities, states, governments, corporations for environmental planning, resolution, and how to find solutions for your situation. In some cases, planning, policies, and consulting by an independent consulting company provides advice and can help you to avoid problems for years in the future.