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Ben Boothe and Associates is a Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting firm ( It represents banks, corporations, investors, landowners, retirement plans, cities, states and several nations. It also does ("other valuation services"). BBA brings appropriate experts from it's network for each project.

Feasibility Studies for upcoming projects

Clients have included the SBA (Small Business Administration), F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), cities such as Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth, Arlington, public institutions such as the University of Texas Medical System, World Bank, USIS, 600 corporate clients and 100+ banks, in 30 states.

Real Estate Broker

Mr Boothe is a Real Estate Broker in Texas, and a Real Estate Appraiser in New Mexico. He also has other licenses and credentials. With more than 20 years experience in valuations, appraisals and real estate, his credentials are superior for commercial, and complex assignments.

For full service appraisal and consulting services, we have professional engineers, MAI's, and property experts. In addition to our normal range of appraisal services, we have specialized expertise in Hospitals, Prisons, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Developments, Residential Developments, Resort Properties & all types of commercial properties. We have done work in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America.

The company expanded to Real Estate Brokerage (, and then Environmental Consulting. Through our Environmental department:

We do Phase I, 2 and 3 Environmental work, and have expanded that endeavor to international operations.

We do global environmental consulting, stressing "solutions". We provide consulting for communities, cities, states, governments, corporations for environmental planning, resolution, and how to find solutions for your situation. In some cases, planning, policies, and consulting by an independent consulting company provides advice and can help you to avoid problems for years in the future.