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BBAR Inc is a commercial appraisal and valuation company. We work with and often bring in associates such as professional engineers, property experts, environmental specialists, treatment experts in Corona and other viral sterilizations of buildings, we often use and bring in local experts on local real estate valuations (if they are relevant to the job at hand and desired by our clients). The appraisers or other assistants/associates we select vary in accordance with their experience and knowledge of the specific project.

Clients have included the SBA (Small Business Administration), F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), cities such as Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth, Arlington, public institutions such as the University of Texas Medical System, World Bank, USIS, 600 corporate clients and 100+ banks, in 30 states.

For full service appraisal and consulting services, we often use highly qualified local appraisers if they are of excellence. In addition to our normal range of appraisal services, we have specialized expertise in Hospitals, Prisons, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Developments, Residential Developments, Resort Properties & all types of commercial properties. We have done work in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America.

We do Phase I, 2 and 3 Environmental work, and have expanded that endeavor to international operations.

We do global environmental consulting, stressing "solutions". We provide consulting for communities, cities, states, governments, corporations for environmental planning, resolution, and how to find solutions for your situation. In some cases, planning, policies, and consulting by an independent consulting company provides advice and can help you to avoid problems for years in the future.

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Bit About Me

I have been a real estate broker, real estate consultant, real estate investor, and had done articles and studies on economic development and impacts on real estate values. Ben, the author of several books and published over 360 magazines and newspaper articles.

Ben now publishes an international newsletter by internet called GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, an intelligence brief for global leaders and VIPs. This newsletter is read by business leaders, political leaders, and "enlightened" people throughout the world.

Services We Offer


BBAR Inc is a commercial appraisal and valuation company. We have appraised in numerous states for many clients


Executive experience, combined with a world view and International political and business contacts!

Environmental Reports

We are experienced in conducting environmental impact studies that comply with N.E.P.A.


Ben has extensive political contacts in State Capitals, and internationally. His influence on legislation is known and respected.

Real Estate

Mr. Boothe has had decades of experience in real estate. Three decades of work in multiple levels of real estate.

Legal Expert Witness

We have served as an expert witness in numerous courts, trials, mediations, and disputes.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Skill and effectiveness

Ben Boothe worked with public and private sector leaders, involved in developing a modern banking system for Mongolia, and in a broad range of socioeconomic development . His presence was a positive reflection on the United States as well as a contribution to Mongolia. I highly recommend him as an international consultant in possession of considerable skill and effectiveness.

Richard Estes,
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Very powerful resource

In Romania, Ben advised government officials on various aspects of the transition to a market economy. His experience as a former banker give his knowledge of banking a very practical dimension. His numerous publications and lectures on financial topics attest to his understanding. The combination of practical experience and academic knowledge constitutes a very powerful resource. I recommend him to you without any reservation.

Thomas Butler
Chemical Bank N.Y.

His integrity

Your research and lectures prepared for the WORLD BANK on international economic trends were excellent! The World Bank will use your materials world wide and we thank you for your presence in Asia working for us with banking and political leaders as one of our economic consultants

Demir Yener
World Bank, Washington, D.C.

What performance

Tour performance when giving your deposition testimony gave my clients the leverage they needed to negotiate a settlement on favorable terms. I appreciate your work and will call on you again.

Gary Steffen
Attorney - McLean and Sanders Law Firm

Very pleased

I am pleased to recommend Ben Boothe as an expert witness. He served as an expert witness at trial and performed very admirably. He was prompt, knowledgeable, conscientious, and at the same time very reasonable on fees.

Dwayne Hoover
Attorney - Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff and Miller, L.L.P.

His integrity

Mr.Boothe's testimony was instrumental in the presentation of my client's case to the Court. I highly recommend Mr.Boothe due to his understanding of business practices and the obvious integrity he displays on the stand.

Randall Lindley
Attorney - Caolo, Meier and Jones L.L.P.

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